Starry Night Wall Art 2 Asst Designs

Min Order Qty: 2

These Starry Night canvas wall art pictures feature star-themed quotes and illustrations of stars, planets and the moon. The quality printed stretched canvas has a matte finish and is framed in a birch wood look frame. Pair this artwork with the matching Starry Night Wall Clock. Frame included.

2 Assorted Designs | 1 x Each Design

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W39.5 x H49.5 x D2.5cm


Becky Thorns, United Kingdom


Printed Polyester Canvas, MDF Board


Each Canvas: 1.14kg


Navy, White

Care & Use

Hang on the wall using metal hanger on the back of the canvas

Artist: Becky Thorns

Becky Thorns draws inspiration for her work from the wider joys of life to the smaller things of everyday. Further ideas come from living in many beautiful parts of the United Kingdom, and her travels far and wide. “Working digitally as well as in watercolour,” she says, “allows me the privilege of being able to work wherever I find myself, be in a nook in the house or on a flight to Peru.” She lives in southern England with her husband and fellow adventurer, Josh. “One of the things we both love in life is the animals we come across on our journeys;” Becky muses, “especially the way that they can very easily become characters and portray a story through their environment and faces. I always feel drawn to including animals in my work, and have a particular fondness for alpacas!”

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