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Mini Travel Diffuser

This elegant and luxurious aroma diffuser is compact and portable, enabling you to infuse your senses with fragrance wherever you go.
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2 Per Inner


85 x 76 x 37.5mm





Multi-Functional: Aroma Diffuser, Fragrance Diffuser, Mosquito Repeller

• No water needed and does not produce mist – The ultrasonic system & diffuser system release the Aromatherapy/Fragrance/Repellent into the air. No messy sprays or oily lotions.
• Mosquito Repeller – Perfect for those hot summer nights. Add mosquito repellant liquid into the device, take it outside with you and turn it on!
• Compact, stylish, designed for any occasions; wireless, portable and lightweight that you can take with you on the go.
• When connected to a USB power supply, e.g. a laptop or phone charger, it can operate continuously.
• Let the natural aromas fill your vehicle, home or work area; give your home or office a relaxing ambiance.
• Runs silently – The powerful ultrasonic system & diffuser system provides a relaxing ambiance.
• Long operation time – Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 10 hours continuously working time, with an integrated Micro USB charging port.
• Micro USB Cable included
• Battery Capacity: 500mAh

1. Open the shell and add essential oil – Gently twist the shell cover to the end in a counter clockwise direction, and then take the cover off and add the oil, perfume or mosquito repellant liquid to the felt aroma sheet.
2. Close the shell & turn it on – Gently twist the top cover in a clockwise direction to turn on the power LED light.
4. Turn off the device – Twist the top cover in a counter clockwise direction until you hear a ”click” sound and the power LED light turns off.

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